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TALIS 2018 Results (Volume I)

Teachers and School Leaders as Lifelong Learners

Do teachers spend more time on actual teaching and learning in a typical lesson compared to previous years? Do they feel prepared to teach when they start teaching? What sort of continuous professional development programmes do they participate in and how does it impact their practice? This report looks first at how teachers apply their knowledge and skills in the classroom in the form of teaching practices, with an accompanying assessment of the demographic makeup of those classrooms and the school climate to provide context on learning environments. The volume then assesses the ways in which teachers acquired their knowledge and skills during their early education and training, as well as the steps they take to develop them through continuous professional development over the course of their career. Based on the voice of teachers and school leaders, the report offers a series of policy orientations to help strengthen the knowledge and skills of the teaching workforce to support its professionalism. The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) is the largest international survey asking teachers and school leaders about their working conditions and learning environments, and provides a barometer of the profession every five years. Results from the 2018 cycle explore and examine the various dimensions of teacher and school leader professionalism across education systems.

Published on June 19, 2019Also available in: French

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English TALIS 2018 Results (Volume I) (Summary in English)
French Résultats de TALIS 2018
Spanish Resultados de TALIS 2018 (Volumen I)
German TALIS 2018 Ergebnisse (Band I)
Japanese TALIS 2018結果 報告書(第1巻)
Italian Risultati TALIS 2018 (Volume I)
Arabic نتائج المسح الدولي للتدريس والتعلم (TALES) لسنة 2018 (المجلد الأول)
Chinese 2018年教师教学国际调查(TALIS)结果(第一卷)
Portuguese Resultados TALIS 2018 (Volume I)
Russian Результаты TALIS 2018 (Том I)


Executive summary
Reader’s guide
What is TALIS?
What TALIS 2018 implies for policy
Teaching and learning for the future
The changing landscape of teaching
Attracting and effectively preparing candidates
Providing opportunities for continuous development
Technical notes on sampling procedures, response ratesand adjudication for TALIS 2018
Technical notes on analyses in this volume
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List of TALIS 2018 contributors
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