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Trends Shaping Education supports strategic thinking on the future of education. Highlighting key economic, social, demographic and technological trends and their connection to education policy and practice, it helps us scan the horizon for emerging phenomena, using scenarios to explore the changes that appear most probable as well as those that we are not expecting. All of education is explored, from early childhood education and care through to tertiary education and lifelong learning.


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Trends Shaping Education 2022

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Back to the Future of Education: Four OECD Scenarios for Schooling

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Trends Shaping Education 2022

Blog: Don’t look up; look forward: How are global trends shaping education?




Four OECD Scenarios




The Trends Shaping Education Spotlights are a recurring series of briefs that highlight specific themes from Trends Shaping Education that are of particular interest to policy makers and practitioners.


Interactive Workshops

The Trends Shaping Education interactive workshops have developed a set of tools and dynamic exercises to support countries in learning from and preparing for the future.



Envisioning the Future of Education and Jobs, Trends, data and drawings (2019)

This OECD report explores how children see their future, and looks at those elements that, if properly understood and harnessed, could help them realise their dreams. 

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The many futures of Education with Keri Facer and Tracey Burns



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