Global Outlook on Financing for Sustainable Development 2019

Time to Face the Challenge

The financing for sustainable development agenda promises to bring together more actors than ever before – from businesses, governments, philanthropists, and remitting households – to address the world’s most pressing problems and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Yet, in spite of this promise, the financing for sustainable development gap is growing. While needs continue to increase, resources available to developing countries have been constrained and in some cases even declining, as illustrated by the recent drop in foreign direct investments. New financial instruments and interactions have yet to mobilise much-needed new resources in sufficient volumes. And despite significant advances, we do not yet fully understand the opportunities and risks faced by the various actors in this complex new global financing system. This report sounds a wake-up call. To fulfil the commitments of the 2030 Agenda, and lift hundreds of millions of people out of extreme poverty, the international community needs to maximise the development footprint of existing and future resources, thereby “shifting the trillions” towards the SDGs. The first in a series, this report charts a forward path for the changes required in measurement, policies, and operations to achieve these ambitious objectives.

Published on November 12, 2018Also available in: French

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English Global Outlook on Financing for Sustainable Development 2019 (Summary in English)
French Perspectives mondiales du financement du développement durable 2019
Spanish Perspectivas generales sobre el financiamiento para el desarrollo sostenible 2019
German Globaler Ausblick zur nachhaltigen Entwicklungsfinanzierung 2019
Japanese 持続可能な開発のための資金に関するグローバルアウトルック2019
Italian Prospettive globali sul finanziamento dello sviluppo sostenibile 2019
Chinese 2019 全球可持续发展融资展望
Czech Globální výhled týkající se financování udržitelného rozvoje 2019
Danish Globale udsigter for finansiering af bæredygtig udvikling 2019
Dutch Internationale Vooruitzichten over de financiering van duurzame ontwikkeling 2019
Estonian Globaalne ülevaade jätkusuutliku arengu rahastamise kohta 2019
Finnish Kestävän kehityksen maailmanlaajuinen rahoituskatsaus 2019
Greek Παγκόσμιες προοπτικές για τη χρηματοδότηση της βιώσιμης ανάπτυξης 2019
Hebrew סקירה גלובלית בנושא מימון עבור פיתוח בר-קיימא
Hungarian A fenntartható fejlődés finanszírozására vonatkozó globális kilátások 2019
Icelandic Almennar horfur í fjármögnun sjálfbærrar þróunar 2019
Korean 2019 지속가능한 개발의 파이낸싱에 대한 글로벌 전망
Latvian Vispārējs apskats par ilgtspējīgas attīstības finansēšanu 2019
Norwegian Global rapport om finansiering av bærekraftig utvikling 2019
Polish Światowy przegląd finansowania zrównoważonego rozwoju 2019
Portuguese Perspetivas Globais sobre o Financiamento para um Desenvolvimento sustentável 2019
Russian Глобальные перспективы финансирования устойчивого развития 2019
Slovak Globálny výhľad financovania trvalo udržateľného rozvoja 2019
Slovene Globalni pogled na financiranje za trajnostni razvoj 2019
Swedish Global översikt över finansiering för hållbar utveckling 2019
Turkish Sürdürülebilir Kalkınmanın Finansmanı Hakkında Küresel Görünüm 2019


Foreword: Investing in a better sustainable development market
Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Financing the Sustainable Development Goals (Infographic)
Overview: Time to face the challenge
Financing for sustainable development in a fast-changing environment
The expansion of the financing for sustainable development system: More actors and resources
Increasing complexity in the financing for sustainable development system - instruments, income and interlinkages
Better measures of financing for sustainable development
Better policies to finance sustainable development
Implementation: Co-ordinating actors, tailoring solutions
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