Environmental Considerations in Competition Enforcement


 1 December 2021  Zoom

The debate on environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change is moving quickly from more abstract political debates to focused conversations on policy choices and implementation options. The OECD is supporting this trend with its continued effort in exploring how competition authorities can support and incentivise sustainable and pro-competitive business practices.

An OECD hearing on Sustainability and Competition in December 2020 explored the interplay between competition and sustainability goals. Building on that hearing, this roundtable will focus on the practical approaches that competition authorities can take when assessing cases with an environmental dimension. The discussion in December 2021 will explore how to integrate economic and non-economic environmental effects into the competitive assessment from legal and economic perspectives.

Analysing the different approaches competition agencies have taken in assessing environmental effects in competition cases can help identify the challenges posed by the current legal and economic frameworks and assist in highlighting best practices.

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On 23 February 2022, environmental considerations in competition enforcement will be addressed at the fourth edition of the OECD Competition Open Day.

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Invited speakers

Nadine Watson Bio    

Senior Vice President, Compass Lexecon

Roman Inderst Bio 

Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt

Sandra Marco Colino Bio    

Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Theon Van Dijk Bio 

Chief Economist, Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets


Environmental Considerations in Competition Enforcement:
OECD Background note

Measuring environmental benefits in competition cases by Nadine Watson


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