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Boosting Skills for Greener Jobs in Flanders, Belgium

The Flemish economy is extremely diversified with a number of value-added industries and a highly skilled workforce. The shift to a green economy will however require specific knowledge, values and attitudes from the Flemish workforce. This report analyses the skills dimension of the transition to a green economy at the local level, with specific reference to emerging needs in the agro-food, construction and chemicals sectors. It also provides recommendations for the development of green skills and occupational profiles at the organisational level, while advising policy makers on the best method of assisting firms to transition to a green economy.

Published on January 20, 2017

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Executive summary
Green skills and the transition to a green economy
Flanders and the transition to a green economy in the OECD green growth framework
Policy framework and local initiatives for greening skills and jobs
Greening company practices in Flanders
Policy recommendations
Annexes4 chapters available
Interviewed companies and sector federations
Fact finding roundtables summary note
Dashboard indicators for Flanders
Company survey questionnaire
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