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Strengthening conditions to attract finance and investment in clean energy

Strengthening conditions to attract finance and investment in clean energy

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation (CEFIM) programme builds upon the OECD’s strong experience in working with governments, policy makers and private sector actors to build evidence-based analysis of the policy frameworks and market conditions that affect the finance and investment environment for clean energy. In addition to country specific work through our CEFIM programme activities, we aim to provide a forum and knowledge hub to improve knowledge around experiences with the different solutions being applied to mobilise capital for clean energy projects globally. This includes cross-cutting analysis and events that share global good practices on a range of topics relevant for clean energy finance.

Country comparison

The CEFIM programme works across eight emerging economies to strengthen enabling conditions for renewable energy and energy efficiency finance and investment.

Visit our country comparison page for analysis on clean energy trends across CEFIM countries.

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Report: ASEAN financial institutions leading the clean energy transition

This study, co-written by CEFIM and WWF Singapore, highlights good practices among leading banks headquartered across Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) on financing clean energy projects to illustrate the role of government as well as internal bank decision-making systems in supporting clean energy investments. By sharing different country and bank experiences, this report aims to increase visibility and awareness of clean energy finance opportunities as well as improve understanding of the growing exposure to transition risks related to future stranded assets and the need to shift portfolios towards clean energy technologies.

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