Labour and Skills Demand in Alberta

Insights Using Big Data Intelligence

This report examines Alberta's labour market trends, focusing on the impact of economic downturns, the COVID-19 crisis, and digital transformation. This study uses real-time labour market data, drawn from online job postings, to offer a granular perspective on demand dynamics across various sectors and occupations. The analysis in the report identifies emerging labour shortages in Alberta due to mega-trends such as digitalisation, AI adoption, automation, and population ageing and discusses key challenges such as youth unemployment and sector-specific labour shortages. The analysis in this report provides insights for policy makers, suggesting a need to support growing sectors, enhance digital skills development, address demand for health workers, and improve youth job access.

Published on September 08, 2023


Executive summary
The context: Trends in online job postings in Alberta
Tracking demand in online job postings by sector of activity in Alberta
The evolution of growing occupations in online job postings in Alberta
Assessing the impact of digitalisation in Alberta through the lens of big data
Insights on the challenges faced by youth in Alberta
Annexes4 chapters available
Occupations excluded from the teleworking analysis
Details on occupations
Using machine learning to analyse the information contained in online job postings
Leveraging big data to assess the diffusion of digital skill demands in labour markets
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