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The Ocean Economy in 2030

This report explores the growth prospects for the ocean economy, its capacity for future employment creation and innovation, and its role in addressing global challenges. Special attention is devoted to the emerging ocean-based industries in light of their high growth and innovation potential, and contribution to addressing challenges such as energy security, environment, climate change and food security.   The report examines the risks and uncertainties surrounding the future development of ocean industries, the innovations required in science and technology to support their progress, their potential contribution to green growth and some of the implications for ocean management.  Finally, and looking across the future ocean economy as a whole, it explores possible avenues for action that could boost its long-term development prospects while managing the use of the ocean itself in responsible, sustainable ways.  

Published on April 27, 2016Also available in: French

SUMMARIESavailable in 25 languages

English The Ocean Economy in 2030 (Summary in English)
French L’économie de la mer en 2030
Spanish La economía del océano en 2030
German Die Meereswirtschaft im Jahr 2030
Japanese 2030年の海洋経済
Italian L’economia degli oceani nel 2030
Chinese 海洋经济2030
Czech Ekonomika oceánu v roce 2030
Danish Den marine økonomi i 2030
Dutch De oceaan-economie in 2030
Estonian Ookeanimajandus aastaks 2030
Finnish Valtamerien talousnäkymät 2030
Greek Η οικονομία των ωκεανών το 2030
Hebrew כלכלת אוקיינוסים ב-2030
Hungarian Az óceángazdaság 2030-ban
Icelandic Hagkerfi hafsins árið 2020
Korean 2030년 해양경제
Norwegian Havøkonomien i 2030
Polish Gospodarka oceaniczna w 2030 roku
Portuguese A Economia dos Oceanos em 2030
Russian Экономика океана в 2030 г.
Slovak Oceánske hospodárstvo v roku 2030
Slovene Oceansko gospodarstvo leta 2030
Swedish Havsekonomin 2030
Turkish 2030 Yılında Okyanus Ekonomisi


Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
An overview of the ocean economy: Assessments and recommendations
Global trends and macro-factors influencing the ocean economy2 chapters available
Global trends and uncertainties to 2030/2060
Expected changes to the ocean environment: Impacts on the ocean economy
Critical factors influencing the emerging ocean-based industries3 chapters available
Science, technology and innovation in tomorrow's ocean economy
International maritime regulation and emerging ocean-based industries
Measuring the global economic contribution of ocean-based industries
Perspectives on and projections of the future of the ocean economy3 chapters available
Growth prospects, challenges and uncertainties for selected ocean industries
Ocean industries to 2030
Towards integrated ocean management
Annexes2 chapters available
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