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Going Digital in Brazil

Going Digital in Brazil analyses recent developments in Brazil’s digital economy, reviews policies related to digitalisation and makes recommendations to increase policy coherence in this area. The report examines the availability and quality of communication networks and services in Brazil, as well as related policies and regulations. It also reviews trends in digital technology usage among individuals, businesses and the government, and examines policies to foster diffusion. It discusses efforts to enhance trust in the digital economy, focusing on digital security, privacy and consumer protection. It also reviews policies to promote digital innovation and examines the policy implications of emerging business models in key sectors. The report reconsiders these policies in relation to their coherence across different domains and provides recommendations to foster synergies across government ministries, levels and institutions, based on the OECD Going Digital Integrated Policy Framework.

Published on October 26, 2020Also available in: Portuguese

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Executive Summary
Brazil in the digital transformation: Opportunities and challenges
Infrastructures for Brazil’s digital economy
Fostering digital uptake and use among people, firms and in government
Enhancing trust in the digital economy
Unleashing digital innovation
Fostering the digital transformation of the brazilian economy
Policies for digital transformation: Recommendations for a whole-of-government approach
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