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Society at a Glance: Asia/Pacific 2022

This fifth edition of Society at a Glance: Asia/Pacific provides an overview of social indicators for the region. Quantitative evidence on social indicators such as poverty, social expenditures, and demographic trends across countries in Asia and the Pacific helps economies identify where they can learn from the experience of other countries. Chapter 1 introduces this volume and provides readers with a guide to help them interpret OECD Social Indicators. The remainder of the publication presents the indicators in a standardised format: one page of figures and accompanying text, pointing the reader to sources and potential caveats with measurement issues. The indicators are grouped into five chapters: general context, self-sufficiency, equity, health and social cohesion. Each chapter holds five indicators, but the health chapter includes an additional indicator to illustrate recent trends in cases and deaths related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published on May 19, 2022Also available in: Korean

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Acronyms and conventional signs
Executive summary
OECD/Korea Policy Centre
Introduction to Society at a Glance: Asia/Pacific
General context indicators5 chapters available
GDP per capita
Marriage and divorce
International migration
Old-age support ratio
Self-sufficiency5 chapters available
Labour force participation
Early childhood education and care
Educational attainment and student performance
Education spending
Equity5 chapters available
Income inequality
Pensions: Coverage and replacement rates
Public social expenditure
Health6 chapters available
Life expectancy
Neonatal, infant and child mortality
Child malnutrition (including under nutrition and overweight)
Health expenditure
Hospital activities
Social cohesion indicators5 chapters available
Life satisfaction
Confidence in institutions
Trust and safety
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