Green growth and sustainable development

Sustainable development key reports


Guidance on Sustainability Impact Assessment (PDF)


February 2011

Number of pages: 84



  • About the OECD
  • Foreword
  • OECD Sustainable Development Programmes and Initiatives
  • 2009-2010 Key Achievements and Special Initiatives
  • OECD Sustainable Development Focus Areas
  1. Sustainable Consumption and Production
  2. Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  3. Sustainable Trade and Foreign Investment
  4. Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development
  5. Education for Sustainable Development
  6. Environment and Health
  7. Governance for Sustainable Development
  8. Sustainable Development Measurements and Statistics
  • AMSDE Activity Report
  • Evolution of OECD Sustainable Development Mandate
  • Acronyms


  •  (2008)
  • Sustainable Development Studies on the iLibrary
    • Conducting Sustainability Assessments (2008)
    • Measuring Sustainable Production (2008)
    • Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development (2007)
    • Institutionalising Sustainable Development (2007)
    • Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development (2006)


Guidance on Sustainability Impact Assessment, 2010


2008 Annual Report on Sustainable Development Work in the OECD (PDF), 2008


Promoting Sustainable Consumption: Good Practices in OECD Countries (PDF), 2008


SIA is an approach for exploring the combined economic, environmental and social impacts of a range of proposed policies, programmes, strategies and action plans.

Read all about the range of sustainable development work (economic, environmental and social) in the OECD – statistics, analyses, policy discussions and more.

Promoting the sustainability of consumption in economic, environmental and social terms depends on effective use of government policy tools.

Gender and Sustainable Development: Maximising the Economic, Social and Environmental Role of Women (PDF), 2008

Towards Sustainable Agriculture: OECD Contribution to UNCSD-16 (PDF), 2008

Energy for Sustainable Development: OECD Contribution to UNCSD-15 (PDF), 2007




Sustainable development depends on long-term investments in human capital, of which the female half is being marginalised the world over.

Sustainable agriculture depends on coherent policies for rural development, land, drought, desertification, Africa and the agricultural sector itself. 

Widening energy access in LDCs, increasing energy R&D, promoting energy efficiency, and addressing energy-related climate change issues are among the approaches needed.

Policy Brief: Advancing Sustainable Development (PDF), 2006

Good Practices in the National Sustainable Development Strategies of OECD Countries (PDF), 2006

This Policy Brief looks at progress towards sustainable development in the OECD and its member countries, and at what more can be done to advance sustainable development in the Organisation’s work and policy discussions.


National sustainable development strategies should start at the top, aim at the long-term, and integrate several policy areas.




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