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Agriculture can have significant impacts, both negative and positive, on the environment-- on and off the farm. Negative impacts include pollution and degradation of soil, water and air. Agriculture can also provide ecosystem services, such as trapping greenhouse gases within crops and soils, or mitigating flood risks through the adoption of certain farming practices.

OECD countries have made significant progress in developing agri-environmental indicators (AEIs) to monitor these environmental impacts. As well as providing valuable evidence of the state and trends in the environmental performance of agriculture, AEIs support analysis to explain the effects of different policies on the environment, and to assess whether budgets for policies are used effectively in terms of environmental outcomes and economic efficiency.

Indicators and data

The Agri-environmental Indicators Database can be used to:

  • Describe the current state and trends of environmental conditions in agriculture that may require policy responses;
  • Highlight where “hotspots” or new challenges are emerging;
  • Compare trends in performance across time and between countries, especially to assist policy makers in meeting environmental targets, threshold levels and standards where these have been established by governments or international agreements;
  • Develop other types of indicators such as green growth indicators;
  • Be used for policy monitoring, evaluation and in projecting future trends.

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Organised by theme

Nitrogen balance


Phosphorus balance



agriculture land area

Agriculture land area

Canada geese migration

‌Farm birds index

red soil erosion

Soil erosion

Tractor 2

Ammonia, NOx and SOx emissions

Cows in a stable

Greenhouse gas emissions

Water quality test

Water quality

Biofuel energy transport

Energy use and biofuel production

Spraying pesticides

Pesticides sales

Water rushing through dam

Water resources


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