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ISBN Number: 978-92-64-04725-9
Publication Date: 06.2008
Pages: 131


OECD Sustainable Development Studies

Conducting Sustainability Assessments

OECD Publishing


Is it possible to access the economic, environmental and social impacts of a policy or programme in an integrated fashion? This volume reviews the state of the art in conducting sustainability assessments, including the range of methodologies and tools available. It describes current pratice in OECD countries, as well as the continuing debate on quantifying and comparing diverse types of short- and long-term policy impacts.




 Table of contents


Workshop Overview, by Candice Stevens, OECD Sustainable Development Advisor
Part I. Defining Sustainability Assessments
    - Chapter 1. Sustainability Impact Assessment: European Approaches, by Gerald Berger, ESDN Office at the Research Institute for Managing Sustainability
    - Chapter 2. Sustainability Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment, by Kerstin Arbter, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Austria
    - Chapter 3. Sustainability Impact Assessment and regulatory iImpact Assessment, by Ingeborg Niestroy, European Environment Sustainable Development Advisory Councils
Part II. Identifying Tools for Sustainability Assessments
    - Chapter 4. The Sustainability A-Test, by Marjan van Herwijnen, Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam
    - Chapter 5. The Role of Tools in Impact Assessments, by Anneke von Raggamby, Ecologic, Germany
    - Chapter 6. Using Assessment Tools in the Policy Context, by Donald Macrae, Better Regulation Commission, United Kingdom
Part III. Conducting Sustainability Assessments
    - Chapter 7. Balancing Interests in Sustainability Assessments, by Daniel Wachter, Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE), Switzerland
    - Chapter 8. Assessing the Energy Contributions to Sustainability, by Helene Connor, Helio International Sustainable Energy Watch
    - Chapter 9. Assessing the Sustainability of Trade Policies and Agreements, by Colin Kirkpatrick and Clive George,University of Manchester, United Kingdom

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