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The past decades have witnessed unprecedented growth in global consumption of raw materials, which also lead to increased environmental pressures. As a response to these challenges, countries across the world have made the transition to a circular economy one of their policy priorities.


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Cooperation with the DG REFORM of the European Commission


Within the context of the OECD’s collaboration with the Directorate General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) of the European Commission, the OECD is supporting a number of EU Member States in their efforts to develop national circular economy strategies, roadmaps and action plans.


Towards a circular economy strategic framework in the Czech Republic


‌The OECD has been supporting the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic in developing a strategic framework for the circular economy – Circular Czechia 2040. In this project, the OECD developed a set of key elements for the strategic framework, including the rationale for transitioning to a circular economy in the Czech Republic and an in-depth analysis of four priority areas: consumption and consumers, waste management, economic instruments, and research innovation and digitalisation. The OECD also suggested 40 concrete policy measures to help implement the strategy, along with a monitoring framework to measure the progress made. The identified policy measures can support the Czech Republic’s efforts towards a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that are an important policy priority for the country. 


Read the report: Towards a national strategic framework for the circular economy in the Czech Republic.


Cover Towards a National Strategic Framework for the Circular Economy in the Czech Republic

Circular economy studies in the Slovak Republic and Hungary


The OECD has also launched similar cooperation with the European Commission’s DG REFORM and the governments of other central European countries – the Slovak Republic and Hungary. Final outputs from those projects will be published on this website once completed.



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