Towards Climate Resilience and Neutrality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Key Policy Priorities

While many countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have committed to achieving climate neutrality and building resilience, translating these commitments into actions is imperative. This requires, for instance, better management of increasing risks from climate change and climate variability, as well as reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through promoting innovation and green investments. Achieving these goals will require comprehensive long-term strategic and financial planning, a more integrated and inclusive approach, which better aligns adaptation and mitigation policies and measures across different sectors, albeit at a differentiated level. This report identifies LAC countries’ main climate change policy priorities, which were discussed through a series of Regional Policy Dialogues and Expert Workshops and complements these with findings of recent analyses by the OECD and other international partners. It explores issues related to their implementation on climate adaptation, mitigation, and cross-cutting policy areas. The report covers various economic sectors, ranging from energy, transport, agriculture and tourism, as well as environment-related policies on infrastructure, water, biodiversity and ecosystems. The report also explores cross-cutting topics, such as climate governance and finance, environmental information, technology transfer, circular economy, oceans, gender equality and education. To overcome challenges and grasp the opportunities associated with a transition towards climate resilience and neutrality, the report proposes an Action Plan, with 40 key policy recommendations.

Published on October 06, 2023Also available in: Spanish


Executive Summary
Action Plan towards Climate Resilience and Neutrality in Latin America and the Caribbean
Achieving climate resilience in the Latin America and Caribbean region
Achieving climate neutrality in the Latin America and the Caribbean region
Cross-cutting policy areas for climate resilience and neutrality in the Latin America and the Caribbean region
Annexes2 chapters available
Climate adaptation in LAC countries’ policy frameworks
NDCs and LTS in LAC
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