Economics and policies for biodiversity: OECD's response

OECD Expert Workshop on The Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework: Targets, Indicators and Measurability Implications at Global and National Level

26 February 2019
Paris, France

This Workshop brought together a range of experts and stakeholders from the policy, scientific, and NGO community, to share and exchange views on the development of the post-2020 biodiversity framework with the aim to better understand the measurability implications, at global and national levels, of possible targets. While the Aichi Targets and its indicator set are a considerable improvement on the previous framework, the post-2020 process offers an opportunity to enhance the measurability of the new framework. The workshop examined whether and how new structures can be leveraged to create more quantifiable targets, how currently available data and indicators can be used to inform target creation, where the priorities lie and where the key gaps remain.

Aims of the OECD project and workshop

The workshop on 26 February 2019 was held as part of a broader 2019-2020 OECD programme of work on this issue. Building on discussions and insights shared at the workshop, the background paper prepared for the workshop will be further developed (see the Annex of the workshop summary record for excerpts of the background paper). The project aims to help inform the process towards the post-2020 biodiversity framework, with a focus on how to enhance its measurability. This includes pressure, state and response targets and indicators. Financial support for this project is also provided by the European Commission. 


Opening session:

Session 1: Lessons from the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and indicators and potential structures for the post-2020 targets

Session 2: Enhancing the measurability of the post-2020 biodiversity framework


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