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Climate change poses serious challenges to countries' social and economic development. Adaptation therefore needs to be an integral component of countries' climate change policies. The OECD supports governments' adaptation efforts by providing the analytical foundations needed to develop efficient and effective adaptation policies, and helps to facilitate the integration of adaptation into development co-operation activities. OECD work on adaptation to climate change focusses on three main areas:

Economic aspects of adaptation

The OECD provides guidance on the range of different economic policies and tools that countries will need to implement efficient adaptation.

Adaptation and development

Developing countries will be particularly affected by climate change - the OECD is working to integrate effective adaptation into development activities.

Adaptation in OECD countries

OECD analysis is helping developed countries to make sure that key economic sectors and vulnerable groups are prepared for climate change.


Publications and events
  • Band-aids won't save the polar bears: smarter climate adaptation needed, OECD Insight Blog | February 2015

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation: Methodological Approaches - Environment Working Paper. This paper explores methodological approaches that can be used to monitor and evaluate climate change adaptation initiatives at the projects and programme levels. It examines approaches that have been used in other areas of development practice to see what lessons have been learned that can inform the development of monitoring and evaluation frameworks targeted at adaptation. The paper focuses on three methodological challenges related to monitoring and evaluation that are particularly relevant for adaptation: i) assessing attribution, ii) establishing baselines and targets, and iii) dealing with long time horizons.

  • The Expert Workshop on Adaptation Financing and Implementation, held on 18-19 June 2014 focused on the challenge of putting priorities into practice in OECD countries. Covering national adaptation policy-making, including prioritisation and mainstreaming processes, it brought together adaptation experts from academic and private sectors including OECD country delegates.

Smart climate change adaptation in practice

Publication: Climate Resilience in Development Planning: Experiences in Colombia and Ethiopia April 2014

Climate-related disasters have inflicted increasingly high losses on developing countries, and with climate change, these losses are likely to worsen. Improving country resilience against climate risks is therefore vital for achieving poverty reduction and economic development goals. This report discusses the current state of knowledge on how to build climate resilience in developing countries, and builds on a growing volume of country experiences on building climate resilience into national development planning. Two country case studies, Ethiopia and Colombia, are discussed in detail. This was also informed by the Expert Workshop on Climate Resilience and Economic Growth in Developing Countries (2013).

Climate Resilience in Development Planning
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