Who Cares about Using Education Research in Policy and Practice?

Strengthening Research Engagement

Across the OECD, enormous effort and investment has been made to reinforce the quality, production and use of education research in policy and practice. Despite this, using research in education remains a challenge for many countries and systems. The OECD launched the Strengthening the Impact of Education Research project to respond to this challenge. This publication reports on the first phase of the project. It maps the various structures, processes, actors and relationships that reinforce the quality, production and use of education research in policy and practice. The publication brings together leading experts who provide insights into recent research and international experience gathered from both policy and practice, including from other sectors such as health, agriculture and environment. The publication provides a first set of analyses of data collected from over 30 systems through an OECD survey. It describes the mechanisms used to facilitate research use in education policy and practice, and the levels of engagement of various actors in these processes. By mapping the drivers of, and barriers to, using research systematically and at scale, the publication sets out an agenda for future inquiry. It can be a resource for policy makers, educational leaders, teachers and the research community.

Published on July 18, 2022

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Executive summary
List of contributors
Conceptual landscape and the evolution of the field3 chapters available
The changing landscape of research use in education
Louder than Words: Review and comparative analysis of knowledge mobilisation models
History and evolution of brokerage agencies in education
Actors and mechanisms facilitating research use in policy and practice4 chapters available
Who is facilitating research use in education systems?
Facilitating research use: Scary Barriers (and Super Mechanisms)
Linking research, policy and practice: Learning from other sectors
Evidence on evidence-informed policy and practice
New approaches to understanding research use4 chapters available
Communication, collaboration and co-production in research: Challenges and benefits
Using research well in educational practice
Perspectives on education research
Improving research-policy-practice engagement: Lessons learnt and ways forward
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