On an yearly basis, the Forum has been bringing together since 2003 competition officials and experts from the LAC region to share best practices and identify potential policy reforms in a regional context. See below a list of discussed topics and materials available.

2023 Ecuador

Competition and poverty

Competition in sports

Dominican Republic: Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy

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2022 Brazil

Strengthening incentives for leniency agreements

Market Definition in the Oil and Gas Sector

Media mergers

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2021 Virtual

Compliance Programmes in Antitrust Enforcement

Efficiency Analysis in Vertical Restraints

Competition and Payment Card Interchange Fees

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2020 Virtual

Digital Evidence Gathering in Cartel Investigations

Ecuador: Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy

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2019 Honduras

Fining methodologies for competition law infringements

El Salvador: Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy

Practical approaches to assessing digital platform markets for competition law enforcement

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2018 Argentina

Informal economy: Implications for competition policy

Peru: Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy

Industrial policy and the promotion of domestic industry


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2017 Nicaragua

Cartels: Estimation of harm in public enforcement actions 

Merger control - Recent developments and trends

Addressing competition challenges in financial markets


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2016 Mexico

Disruptive innovation: Enforcement challenges and advocacy opportunities

Leniency programmes: Recent experiences and lessons learned

Promoting effective competition in public procurement

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2015 Jamaica

Structural issues in the groceries sector: mergers and regulatory issues

Measuring competition advocacy's impact in LAC

Competition issues in the groceries sector: focus on conduct


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2014 Uruguay

Electricity markets: Regional integration and competition issues

Costa Rica: Peer Review

Advocacy: Mainstreaming competition policy into the overall economic policy and government actions in LAC


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2013 Peru

Criteria for Setting Fines for Competition Law Infringements

Regional Competition Agreements

Unannounced Inspections in Antitrust Investigations



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2012 Dominican Republic

Competition and Poverty Reduction

Collusion and Corruption in Public Procurement

Competitive Neutrality

Follow-up to the Nine Peer Reviews of Latin American Countries


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2011 Colombia

Competition Issues in Trade Associations

Triple/Quadruple Play in Telecoms

Competition Issues in the Air Transport Sector

Honduras: Peer Review


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2010 Costa Rica

Competition Principles in Essential Facilities

Strategies for Competition Advocacy

Panama: Peer Review



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2009 Chile

Using Leniency to Fight Hard Core Cartels

Tackling Bid Rigging in Public Procurement

Competition Issues in Telecommunications

Colombia: Peer Review


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2008 Panama

Competition Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements

Economic Analysis in Judicial Decisions

El Salvador: Peer Review



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2007 Mexico

Competition and Public Procurement

Competition Assessment Toolkit

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico & Peru: Follow-up Peer Reviews


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2006 El Salvador

Relationship between authorities and regulators

Using Competition to Lower the Cost of Remittances

Competition Policy and the Financial Sector

Argentina: Peer Review  


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2005 Spain

Fighting Hardcore Cartels

Merger Control in Latin America

Organisational Development through Assessment

Brazil: Peer Review


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2004 United States

Advocacy in Developing Countries

Institutional Challenges in Promoting Competition 

Peru: Peer Review



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2003 France

Competition and Efficiency

Competition in the Banking, Power and Telecommunications sectors 

Challenges in the Introduction of Competition

Chile: Peer Review of Competition Institutions


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