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Managing wildfires in the context of climate change

Extreme wildfires are causing unprecedented impacts on communities, the environment and economies. As wildfire risk is set to keep growing under climate change, preventative action is key to contain future losses and damages. OECD work aims to support countries through policy recommendations and peer-learning to strengthen resilience to wildfires in the context of climate change.

Spotlight: New OECD flagship report

This OECD report provides a global assessment of wildfire risk, underlining the urgent need for governments to scale up climate change adaptation efforts to limit future wildfire risk and impacts. The report discusses the drivers behind the growing occurrence of extreme wildfires, including the role of climate change, and outlines their growing environmental, social and economic impacts. Building on a cross-country comparative analysis, it presents emerging wildfire policies and practices to manage wildfire extremes and provides a set of policy recommendations to support countries in wildfire risk reduction.

Key events

Launch event of OECD policy paper "Taming wildfires in the context of climate change: The case of Portugal" | September 2023

In this launch event, the OECD discussed the findings of the policy dialogue carried out in Portugal, putting it into context of the broader multi-country study launched by the OECD “Taming Wildfires in the Context of Climate Change” during the 8th International Wildland Fire Conference in May 2023 in Porto, providing global assessment of wildfire risk in the context of climate change.

OECD Green Talks LIVE webinar: Taming Wildfires in the Context of Climate Change 14 September

How does climate change affect the occurrence of extreme wildfires? What are the losses and costs observed during recent extreme wildfire events and what can be expected for the future? How are countries’ policies and practices evolving in the face of increased wildfire risk and how can they scale up climate adaptation efforts and limit future wildfire costs?

On Thursday 14 September 2023, our OECD Green Talks LIVE discussed how to prevent extreme wildfires in the context of a changing climate. Along with a panel of wildfire scientists and country experts, OECD analysts presented the key findings and recommendations from the above OECD report Taming Wildfires in the Context of Climate Change, launched at the 8th International Wildland Fire Conference in Portugal in May.

OECD flagship report launch event, 8th International Wildland Fire Conference | May 2023

The OECD launched its flagship report Taming Wildfires in the Context of Climate Change at the 8th International Wildland Fire Conference in Porto, Portugal on 18 May 2023. The session included a presentation of the report’s key findings as well as a high-level policy discussion with country ministers and international forestry and wildfire experts. 

OECD-PLACARD Conference “Adapting to a changing climate in the management of wildfires” | January 2020

This conference, organised by the OECD in collaboration with the Platform for Climate Adaptation and Risk Reduction (PLACARD), brought together climate change adaptation and wildfire experts from governments, public agencies, academia and the private sector to discuss the growing challenges posed by extreme wildfires under climate change.

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