• OECD Tourism Paper: A Review of Effective Tourism Policies for Growth

    This report is set within the context of the OECD’s wider work to enhance the resilience of economies after the global financial crisis. It examines the changing global trends and inter-linked policy challenges driving the need to revisit the policy framework supporting tourism growth; analyses a selection of specific issues likely to represent challenges in the medium- to long-term; and explores ways for closer policy integration between tourism and related policy areas. It then provides a range of policy considerations to more effectively support sustainable tourism growth.

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  • OECD Tourism Paper on Supporting Quality Jobs in Tourism

    Supporting Quality Jobs in Tourism examines ways to enhance the skills and career development opportunities for people employed in tourism SMEs. Tourism is dependent on quality human resources to deliver a competitive tourism offer, but the sector faces a range of challenges which impact workers, business performance and growth. This paper highlights strategies to boost workforce development in tourism SMEs and outlines some policy considerations. Short case studies from Australia, Canada and Denmark are presented, along with statistical evidence on the profile and characteristics of tourism employment.

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  • Food Tourism Conference at Expo Milano

    The OECD and Korea will co-organise a 1-day conference 24 June 2015 on Food Tourism at Expo Milano 2015, entitled Hansik Culture and Culinary Tourism: Tasting Food, Experiencing Culture. Programme to follow...

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About The Tourism Committee

The Tourism Committee, created in 1948, acts as the OECD forum for exchange, and for monitoring policies and structural changes affecting the development of domestic and international tourism. It actively promotes the sustainable economic growth of tourism.

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OECD Tourism Trends and Policies

OECD Tourism Trends and Policies provides comparative knowledge, both policy and data, through thematic chapters and country-specific policy and statistical profiles. The report highlights key tourism policy developments, focuses on issues that rank high on the policy agenda in the field of tourism and provides a broad overview and interpretation of tourism trends in the OECD area and beyond. Tourism Trends and Policies is an international reference and benchmark on how effectively countries are supporting competitiveness, innovation and growth in tourism beginning in 2008, it is published every two years:

OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2014


Tourism and Creative Economy, a new source of growth and job creation

The OECD review of Tourism and the Creative Economy looks at the important synergies between the tourism and creative sectors, to better understand how to strengthen these linkages and take advantage of the potential to grow demand and develop new products, experiences and markets.

Tourism and Creative Economy report

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 OECD Tourism Papers Series


This series is designed to make available to a wider readership selected studies drawing on the work of the OECD Tourism Committee. OECD Tourism papers address issues such as trends and policies, innovation, sustainability, skills and statistics. The series complements OECD tourism publications, and aims to share knowledge, stimulate discussion and analysis, and obtain feedback from wider interested audiences on specific topics.

Papers in the series:  Green Innovation in Tourism Services, Indicators for Measuring Competitiveness in Tourism