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Entrepreneurship360: Skills for Entrepreneurship


Promoting entrepreneurial learning in schools and vocational education and training

Entrepreneurship360 is a parallel project, which aims to produce a self-assessment tool for schools and vocational education and training institutions to assess their strategy and practices in promoting entrepreneurial learning. This tool will also inform national and local policy makers and other key stakeholders on what kinds of institutional support frameworks are needed to effectively enhance entrepreneurial learning.

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Promoting entrepreneurial learning in schools and vocational education and training

Entrepreneurial learning promotes creativity, innovation, self-efficacy, the ability to work with others, planning and project management skills, understanding of risk, the ability to turn stressors or sources of harm into opportunities, and to manage failure. The culture surrounding the teaching and learning environment is also a key enabler. Effective entrepreneurial learning environments are characterised by leaders and educators who design and develop the wider environment so that entrepreneurial learning is integral to all aspects of the institution.

Characteristics which can be important include leadership and governance, extra-curricula opportunities and flexibility of curriculum, as well as outward facing characteristics such as community engagement, involvement of business and entrepreneurs in learning, and links to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship360 is a collaboration between LEED and the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.


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