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OECD Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) Tables

The 2022 edition of OECD Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) has 45 unique industries based on ISIC Revision 4.

The tables are provided for 76 countries from 1995 to 2020.

Data can be downloaded in .csv or .Rdata formats.

Users are kindly asked to consult the ReadMe files beforehand. 

Any questions or comments should be sent to [email protected] mentioning ICIO in the title of the message.

Please cite this database "OECD (2022), OECD Inter-Country Input-Output Database,".



 There are two versions of ICIO tables:

  • ICIO with 76 target countries + Rest of the World.
  • Extended ICIO with 76 target countries, and China and Mexico split to account for firm heterogeneity - this is used to generate OECD GVC-related indicators (e.g. TiVA).



Coverage of OECD Inter-Country Input-Output Tables 2022 ed.

ICIO list of countries




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