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OECD Communications Outlook 2011


New edition released 11 July 2013

Pages: 384
June 2011 (pdf)
July 2011 (print)

The OECD Communications Outlook 2011 examines recent developments in the communications sector, which has emerged from the global financial crisis with a resilience and underlying strength reflecting its critical role in today’s economies.

This new edition covers developments such as the emergence of next generation access networks and the exhaustion of unallocated IPv4 addresses, and aims to provide an overview of efforts on the part of countries to promote competition and foster innovation in communication markets through regulation. It also examines the issues surrounding broadcasting markets, Internet infrastructure, communications expenditure and use by households and business, and trends in telecommunications services.

Access to the underlying Excel spreadsheets used to create the tables and graphs is available from both the printed and electronic editions via the StatLinks provided on each page.

Publication of the OECD Communications Outlook alternates every year with the OECD Internet Economy Outlook (latest edition published in October 2012).

Table of contents

Executive Summary English

Chapter 1. Main Trends

Investment | The outlook for growth | Internet traffic growth | Addressing the future Internet | Transformation over broadband

Chapter 2. Recent Communication Policy Developments
Trends in competition | Regulatory issues

Chapter 3. Telecommunication Market Size
Revenue trends per access path | Mobile revenue | Broadband | Television | Investment | Voice traffic | Employment trends | Research and development

Chapter 4. Network Dimensions and Development
Fixed line developments | Mobile developments | Broadband developments | Mobile broadband | Broadband speeds

Chapter 5. Internet Infrastructure
Internet hosts | Web servers | Secure servers | The domain name system | Address space | Networks on the Internet | Peering | Security | Traffic on IP networks and the Internet

Chapter 6. Broadcasting and Audiovisual Content
From traditional networks and devices towards an era of choice | Emerging trends and issues | Regulatory challenges and responses

Chapter 7. Main Trends in Pricing
Price basket methodologies

Chapter 8. Recent Developments in Household and Individual Communication Expenditures and Use
ICT household expenditures in OECD countries | The rise of mobile phones in telecommunication services expenditures | The pervasiveness of mobile phones | Mobile phone activities: from voice to multimedia | Consumer prices recent trends in communication services

Chapter 9. Trade in Communication Equipment and Services
Trends in communication equipment trade | The major players | The ICT goods group | The leading communication series | Trade in communication services


Annex Tables

Multilingual summaries

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