The 6th OECD World Forum: the Future of Well-being, 27-29 November 2018, Incheon, Korea


OECD 6th World Forum

‌For well over a decade, the OECD World Forums on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy have been pushing forward the boundaries of well-being measurement and policy. By bringing together thousands of leaders, experts and practitioners from all sectors of society, the Forums have contributed to an ongoing paradigm shift that emphasises people’s well-being and inclusive growth as the ultimate focus for policies and collective action.

The 6th OECD World Forum, organised in collaboration with Statistics Korea, looked ahead to the Future of Well-being, and asked what are the trends that will re-shape people’s lives in the decades to come. Particular emphasis was given to three important trends – the digital transformation, the changing role of governance, and the emergence of the private sector as an important actor for ensuring sustainable and inclusive well-being – as well as to looking at the interplay of these three factors.


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