Launch event of the release of the LEED Flagship



The green transition is among the most formidable challenges the world faces. It calls for new sustainable solutions and significant reductions in emissions. The shift to a sustainable and net-zero economy will result in a significant transformation of local labour markets, as workers move into different occupations and sectors. The green transition compounds megatrends such as digitalisation and demographic change that have also been reshaping the geography of jobs and the world of work. The greening of the labour market will create new types of jobs, result in the loss of some existing jobs, and change the skills required for many jobs. As the geography of these transitions will differ, a place-based lens will be vital, with local economic development and business support programmes complementing national green transition policies. 



The 2023 edition of Job Creation and Local Economic Development provides new insights on the impact of the green transition on local labour markets and jobs. It offers novel evidence on challenges but also opportunities across regions in 30 OECD countries, both of which will differ across places within countries. It examines the geography of green-task and polluting jobs and the effects of the green transition on gender and socioeconomic inequality. Furthermore, the report tracks the progress regions have made in greening their labour market over the past decade. The report provides actionable policy recommendations that can help deliver a green and just transition. It looks at past and other ongoing labour market transitions and identifies local success drivers that can help communities prepare for and manage the impact of the green transition. Finally, it points out actions for ramping up and adapting local skills development systems to meet the demands of the green transition. 



On 14 March 2023, we launched the 2023 edition of the report "Bridging the Great Green Divide".

Is the green transition starved of skills?

Which places are winning the race to secure green jobs and talent?

Watch the launch event and read the report.


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