14th OECD LEED Forum: Making all places resilient in the new world of work (Porto, Portugal)


18-19 September 2018 Porto, Portugal

In cooperation with the Northern Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-N), the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) and the City of Porto

Mega-trends related to digitalisation, automation and the development of the ‘gig’ economy are fundamentally altering the nature of work and changing the capacity of national and local economies to deliver well-being to all citizens. Many places also face growing threats from demographic and climate change, urbanisation, migration patterns, as well as structural changes from globalisation. Yet these trends also provide opportunities for places to re-shape and re-structure their local economy and diversify into new and emerging sectors. To address these challenges, places, people and firms need to be more resilient, adaptable and innovative.

National and local institutions must anticipate and respond to change through robust strategies and effective local partnerships to support policy implementation for better results on the ground.

The 14th OECD LEED Forum will take place on 18-19 September 2018 in Porto, Portugal and will gather over 300 participants from the local, national and international levels, including politicians, mayors, business leaders and government and non-profit-organisation leaders, to discuss:

  • Decent work in a digital world: what can be done locally?
  • Social innovation for more resilient economies, people and places.
  • How can we encourage SMEs to thrive in the new world of work?

Thematic on-site and off-site workshops will be hosted by North Region and the City of Porto, including on:

  • Local evidence and data for more targeted and impactful policies;
  • Inclusion of the long-term unemployed in the labour market;
  • Increasing local productivity;
  • Maximizing the impact of culture on local development.

An extended international networking session for local development practitioners will feature some 30 local development initiatives, selected by an open call.

The third edition of LEED Flagship publication Job Creation and Local Economic Development will be launched at the Forum.




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