11th Annual Meeting: Local leadership for inclusive growth (Manchester, United Kingdom)


11th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development


Manchester, United Kingdom | 24th-26th June 2015



Local policymakers have a critical role to play in developing more resilient and inclusive economies, particularly because they are well-positioned to take a more integrated approach to tackling complex challenges and seizing new opportunities. This requires local partners to collaborate and work closely in innovative ways, whilst also re-examining the relationship between local and national policymakers.

The 11th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development brought together local and national leaders, policy makers and practitioners to discuss how inclusive growth can be built from the ground up. They took inspiration from the achievements of Manchester in setting out a shared vision for change, and from the UK government’s endeavour to devolve powers in a way that matches local capacities and aspirations. International participants brought their experience in building coalitions for jobs and growth, and learnt from concrete case studies, site visits and peer-to-peer exchange.  



3 plenary sessions brought together international leaders on topics to discuss local leadership for inclusive growth, new approaches to local economic development, and growth through people.

12 interactive workshops allowed for the opportunity to explore key topics more in-depth, such as global events as catalysts of economic development, scaling up social entrepreneurship, local skills strategies, early years interventions and many more.

Pre-event activities also offered the opportunity to explore the economic history of Manchester, including through a walking tour of the city.

Project visits: participants learnt directly from a range of projects based in Manchester and discuss their work with staff and service users.

Local Initiatives Forum: a networking session where participants could present their work and network with peers from other countries.

Post-event workshop: The What Works Lab process: developing approaches to increase employer engagement in workplace training.



The 11th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development brought together some 250 representatives of local partnerships, government officials, public employment services, local leaders, youth organisations, social entrepreneurs, business representatives, and academics.



The Forum was held in Manchester, a city-region which has recently secured a landmark devolution agreement with the UK Government.

‌The meeting was held at Manchester Town Hall, United Kingdom, one of the most iconic landmarks in the city and one of the most important Grade 1 listed buildings in England.



The meeting run from the morning of 25th June to mid-day 26th June, with pre-meeting activities the afternoon of 24th June.


Other events in Manchester during the week of the Forum

  • For interested participants, passes were available for the Wednesday sessions of the Chartered Institute of Housing 2015 Annual Conference. More information on this event is here:
  • Additionally, participants were also invited to attend a seminar on “Ageing societies, resilient cities”, hosted by OECD and Manchester City Council immediately following the Forum’s close on Friday.



For further information about the event, please contact the OECD Secretariat.


Conference documents

+ Conference Brochure

Agenda, Local Initiatives Forum, workshops outline, speakers' biographical notes and logistical information in one unique document!

+ Workshops presentations

+ Graphic recording

+ Video interviews

The What Works Lab Process

Report for the post-event workshop

+ Local Economic - call for papers

Deadline for abstracts and proposals: 30 September 2015


With the co-operation of the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Cabinet Office and the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Center for Cities and the Greater London Authority

In partnership with the International Organisation of La Francophonie and the World Association of Public Employment Services



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