We are the OECD’s community of local development practitioners, entrepreneurs and social innovators. We provide a unique setting for the private and public sector to challenge assumptions, learn from each other, and work together to forge practical solutions to today’s economic and social challenges.

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What does the Forum offer?

  • Annual conference: join hundreds of participants to discuss latest trends and innovations shaping local labour markets
  • Side events: attend webinars and workshops on selected thematic topics
  • Best practices: learn about successful employment and social programmes from our members and partners

Cork Action Plan

LEED's 40th anniversary

Four decades ago, OECD governments were facing a jobs crisis. As the 1982 OECD Economic Outlook described, “the rise in unemployment over the last three years has been severe, and in Europe, it has seemed inexorable”.

In response, the French government proposed the creation of a new programme to learn from the types of innovative approaches to local job creation that were appearing across OECD countries, particularly in light of entrenched challenges in some communities.

Twelve countries plus the Commission of the European Communities joined the call, and the OECD Co-operative Action Programme on Local Employment and Economic Development was born.

The 40th Anniversary of ILE/LEED by Ron Gass


Framing the future of work – Preparing for the jobs and skills of tomorrow By Prof. Tiziano Treu, President, National Council for Economics and Labour, Italy

LEED hall of fame

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