What is the OECD Local Development Forum?

The Forum is the OECD’s network of local development practitioners, entrepreneurs and social innovators. Created in 2004, the Forum has thousands of members in the OECD and beyond. It is a unique setting for the private and public sector to challenge assumptions, learn from each, and work together to forge practical solutions to today’s economic and social challenges.

OECD Local Development Forum Brochure

What does the Forum offer?

  • Annual conference: join hundreds of participants to discuss latest trends and innovations shaping local labour markets
  • Side events: attend webinars and workshops on selected thematic topics
  • Best practices: learn about successful employment and social programmes from our members and partners

About our logo

Our visual identity was re-imagined in 2022, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the LEED Programme.

Our brand conveys the wide range of stakeholders engaged in LEED, bringing together local partners to identify the best solutions for good jobs in great places.

The visual motif employs a people-centred design reflecting the "we are here" pin shape. This illustrates how the local and people dimension of LEED has important impacts on communities.

The colour palette transmits a modern and vibrant energy, showcasing how LEED practitioners innovate, network and succeed.


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