International investment law


The OECD is a forum where treaty negotiators and experts from OECD and non-OECD countries work together to enhance common understanding of core treaty provisions and emerging legal issues and to improve outcomes of international investment treaties for governments and investors.


Conference: Investment treaties, the Paris Agreement and Net Zero - Towards alignment?


Public consultation on investment treaties and climate change - Consultation document | Compilation of submissions

2022 Conference on investment treaties and climate change



Shareholder Claims for Reflective Loss in Investment State Dispute Settlement: A “Component-by-Component” Approach to Reform Proposals (informal discussion paper for joint informal UNCITRAL-OECD meeting)

The future of investment treaties - Possible directions

Business responsibilities and investment treaties

2021 Conference on the future of investment treaties



Joint OECD and UNCITRAL Webinar on Shareholder Claims and Reflective Loss

Public consultation on business responsibilities and investment treaties



2019 Conference on investment treaties and a level playing field



Consultation on appointing authorities and the selection of arbitrators in investor-state dispute settlement

Societal benefits and costs of International Investment Agreements



Adjudicator compensation systems and investor-state dispute settlement

The balance between investor protection and the right to regulate in investment treaties: A scoping paper

Addressing the balance of interests in investment treaties: The limitation of fair and equitable treatment provisions to the minimum standard of treatment under customary international law



State-to-State dispute settlement and the interpretation of investment treaties

The impact of investment treaties on companies, shareholders and creditors

The legal framework applicable to joint interpretive agreements of investment treaties

The impact of investment treaties on companies, shareholders and creditors”, OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2016



Investment Treaties over Time - Treaty Practice and Interpretation in a Changing World


Investment Treaties and Shareholder Claims: Analysis of Treaty Practice

Investment Treaties and Shareholder Claims for Reflective Loss: Insights from Advanced Systems of Corporate Law

Investment Treaty Law, Sustainable Development and Responsible Business Conduct: A Fact Finding Survey



Temporal validity of international investment agreements: a large sample survey of treaty provisions

Investment treaties as corporate law: Shareholder claims and issues of consistency


Investor-state dispute settlement: A scoping paper for the investment policy community

Dispute settlement provisions in international investment agreements: A large sample survey

Public consultation on investor-state dispute settlement



Harnessing Freedom of Investment for Green Growth

Environmental concerns in international investment agreements: a survey



Foreign state immunity and foreign government controlled investors

Intellectual property rights in international investment agreements



International investment agreements: A survey of environmental, labour and anti-corruption issues 

Definition of investor and investment in international investment agreements

Interpretation of the umbrella clause in investment agreements

A survey of environmental, labour and anti-corruption issues in international investment agreements



The interaction between investment and services chapters in selected regional trade agreements | French

Essential security interests under international investment law



Novel features in recent OECD bilateral investment treaties

Improving the system of investor-state dispute settlement

Consolidation of claims: A promising avenue for investment arbitration



Transparency and third party participation in investor-state dispute settlement procedures

Indirect Expropriation and the Right to Regulate in international investment law

Fair and equitable treatment standard in international investment law

Most-favoured-nation treatment in international investment law



Relationships between international investment agreements



Multilateral Agreement on Investment: Documents relating to the 1995-1998 Negotiations

This database contains a large quantity of documents relating to the negotiations on a proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) between 1995 and 1998. It is designed to help interested parties gain a full understanding of the history and substance of these negotiations.



The Protection of Foreign Property: Draft Convention and Resolution of the Council




The future of investment treaties

Annual conference on investment treaties

Claims for reflective loss under investment treaties | FR by David Gaukrodger, 2020

OECD Business and Finance Outlook

The growing pains of investment treaties, Blog by Angel Gurría, 2014

OECD roundtables on freedom of investment

The OECD freedom of investment process

Symposium on international investment agreements and investor-state dispute settlement, 2010

Symposium on making the most of international investment agreements: A common agenda, 2005






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