Investment policy


FDI Qualities Review of Jordan

Strengthening Sustainable Investment

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) provides an important source of financing in Jordan but its reform momentum needs to be sustained and deepened so that the benefits of investment can be shared more widely across society. This report examines how FDI can help Jordan meet Sustainable Development Goals in areas of productivity and innovation, job quality and skills, gender equality and decarbonisation. It provides an overview of the country’s institutional framework for investment and sustainable development and analyses arrangements to ensure policy coordination, stakeholder consultation and evaluation of policy impacts. It also examines the mix of government policies that are currently in place to attract the investment that contributes to sustainable development, noting areas for priority policy reforms.

Available from June 22, 2022Also available in: Arabic


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Overview and key policy considerations
Boosting FDI impacts on productivity and innovation
Strengthening FDI impacts on job quality and skills
Improving FDI impacts on gender equality
Improving FDI impacts on carbon emissions
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