Government at a Glance: How Hungary Compares

Government at a Glance: How Hungary Compares presents recent comparable data on key indicators of government activities and performance in Hungary, compared with its neighbouring countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovak Republic and Slovenia) as well as the OECD average. The main goal of this publication is to identify progress and persisting challenges in public sector reform in Hungary and to highlight some areas where public sector efficiency might be further improved in future years. It provides indicators on a wide range of government activities, including public finance management, public employment and pay, administrative burden for businesses, and the delivery of services in two key areas (health care and education).

Published on May 20, 2015


Foreword and Acknowledgements
Executive summary
Reader's guide
Public finances in Hungary
Public sector employment and compensation in Hungary
Hungary's business environment and administrative burden
Electronic delivery of government services in Hungary
Government performance and the health care system in Hungary
Government performance and the education system in Hungary
Annexes5 chapters available
Government expenditures by function as a percentage of GDP, 2012
Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG)
Political system in Hungary
Economic context in Hungary
The tree structure of the new Product Market Regulation (PMR) indicator set
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