Patient-Reported Indicator Surveys (PaRIS)


PaRIS is the OECD’s Patient-Reported Indicator Surveys initiative where countries work together on developing, standardising and implementing a new generation of indicators that measure the outcomes and experiences of healthcare that matter most to people

The International Survey of People Living with Chronic Conditions is the first of its kind to assess the outcomes and experiences of patients managed in primary care across countries. The PaRIS survey aims to fill a critical gap in primary healthcare, by asking about aspects like access to healthcare and waiting times, as well as quality of life, pain, physical functioning & psychological well-being. Contact us to get more information about the PaRIS survey.

What matters to people?

How do people with chronic conditions feel about their own health?

Do people with chronic conditions feel involved in decisions made about their care?

To what extent do chronic conditions limit people in participating in social activities?

How do outcomes and experiences vary with people from different socio-economic backgrounds?

Who will PaRIS help?

  • POLICY MAKERS, by having better information on where to focus quality improvement efforts and prioritise spending
  • PATIENTS, by having their say on their outcomes and experiences
  • HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, by better understanding how to improve the quality of the care they provide


Why PaRIS?

PaRIS fosters a dialogue with policy makers, healthcare providers, and patients about how to improve the performance and people-centredness of primary care services.

To learn more about what PaRIS can do for you, check our Frequently Asked Questions about the PaRIS International Survey of People Living with Chronic Conditions.

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The Patient-Reported Indicator Surveys (PaRIS): An Introduction

Learn more about the PaRIS International Survey of People Living with Chronic Conditions

PaRIS-OECD-2020The PaRIS International Survey of People Living with Chronic Conditions is the first international survey of patient-reported health outcomes and experiences of adults living with one or more chronic conditions who are managed in primary or other ambulatory care settings.

The PaRIS survey fills a critical information gap in primary care, focusing on (1) Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMS), which measure how patients experience healthcare and refers to practical aspects of care, such as accessibility, care co-ordination and provider-patient communication and (2) Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS), which provide information on how patients assess the results of the care they receive. PROMS contain information about outcomes such as quality of life, physical functioning and psychological well-being.

Read our latest brochure on the PaRIS International Survey of People Living with Chronic Conditions for more information.

Data protection

The OECD and its partners are committed to the highest standards of international compliance with data protection laws, regulation & rules. More information on data protection and privacy can be found here.

The PaRIS Patient Advisory Panel

The importance of incorporating patient input is essential when developing surveys to capture patient outcomes and experiences. To help ensure that the PaRIS International Survey of People Living with Chronic Conditions will serve patients’ needs, OECD countries are convening a Patient Advisory Panel to advise on survey design, implementation, and activities related to patient engagement. Learn more.

Technical advisory community

The PaRIS Technical Advisory Community (TAC), a group of 15 international experts, advises on technical aspects related to the PaRIS Survey. Learn more.

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