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Developing Effective Online Dispute Resolution in Latvia

EU Funded Note This report assesses the use of online dispute resolution (ODR) in Latvia. It looks at the country’s efforts to modernise its justice system and develop dispute resolution mechanisms, identifies areas for improvement in line with the OECD ODR Framework, and provides examples of the application of ODR in other countries. The assessment is enriched by the application of the OECD ODR Framework to three specific types of claims – simplified and warning procedures, and consumer claims. It provides recommendations for successfully implementing ODR in Latvia and broadly modernising the justice sector to ensure better access to justice for all.

Published on January 11, 2024Also available in: Latvian


Executive summary
Developing online dispute resolution in Latvia: Assessment and recommendations
Transforming dispute resolution in Latvia: Towards a people-centred justice approach
Unlocking ODR potential for effective dispute resolution in Latvia
Applying ODR to specific types of claims in Latvia: Simplified procedures, warning procedures and consumer claims
Service mapping methodology
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