Key Partners 

The OECD engages with some of the world’s largest economies, including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and South Africa, which have been designated as the OECD’s Key Partners. This engagement aims to enhance the involvement of major emerging economies in the daily work of the Organisation, promote the sharing of perspectives and policy approaches through their partnerships with OECD bodies, adherence to OECD legal instruments and integration in the Organisation’s statistical databases and policy indicators.

Engagement with the Key Partners serves a mutual benefit and contributes to levelling the global playing field, while also strengthening the OECD’s role in addressing major global economic, environmental and social challenges through the Key Partners’ gradual alignment with OECD standards and policy recommendations.



Our work with Brazil

Our work with China


Our work with India

Our work with Indonesia

Our work with South Africa



Regional approaches

The OECD works closely with many governments around the world through regional initiatives and activities in order to facilitate policy benchmarking and the exchange of good practices within and across regions. These activities have increasingly taken the form of Comprehensive Regional Programmes, which strengthen the relevance and the impact of OECD activities at a global level.


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Brazil's role in the OECD family is constantly increasing as shown in this brochure which provides a snapshot of the extensive, growing and mutually beneficial OECD-Brazil co-operation.

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 Active with LAC, Latin America

Latin America
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 Active with Southeast Asia (2019)

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