Financial education


Awareness of the importance of financial education is gaining momentum among policy makers in economies the world over. The OECD and its International Network on Financial Education (INFE) provide a unique policy forum for governments to exchange views and experiences on this issue.  


National strategies for financial education

Research and tools to help policy makers design and implement national strategies for financial education.


Financial education and women

Guidance for the development and implementation of financial education initiatives for women and girls.



What do Americans know about retirement and what do they expect? by Joanne Yoong

Student loans, indebtedness, and financial literacy in the United States by Annamaria Lusardi

OECD PISA financial literacy assessment of students

Large-scale international study to assess the financial literacy of young people.


Financial education for youth

Research and tools to help policy makers and programme developers to successfully implement financial education programmes in schools.


OECD International Network on Financial Education (INFE)

The OECD/INFE promotes and facilitates international co-operation between policymakers and other stakeholders on financial education issues worldwide.
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Evaluating financial education programmes

Monitoring and evaluation is essential in order to be certain that a programme is effective, to identify areas for improvement and to check that initiatives make good use of resources.


Measuring financial literacy

Questionnaires, guidance and tools to measure levels of financial literacy.




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