Adult learning

The ELS Skills Team of the OECD collects and analyses data to assess the future-readiness of countries’ adult learning systems and provides policy directions and international good practice examples to improve their systems performance. As part of this work, the Skills Team performs country reviews, shares good practices, provides implementation support, and develops data and tools. Find below in what areas we are currently working and a selection of our publications.

Implementing adult learning reforms

The ELS Skills Team of the OECD and the DG REFORM of the European Commission are cooperating in providing technical support to countries that want to reform their adult learning systems.

 Current projects:

  • Improving the development of training profiles in French-speaking Belgium, more...
  • Developing digital skills for better social protection services in Italy, more...
  • Establishing a validation system of prior learning in Croatiamore...
  • Improving adult learning in Greece through quality assurance, more...


Past projects:

Latvia (2021-23), Wallonia LTU (2021-23), Wallonia Partnerships (2021-23), Italy CPIA (2020-22), Italy MISE (2020-22), Wallonia (2019-21), The Netherlands (2019-21).

Photo OECD DG REFORM workshop on adult learning in Wallonia. © Françoise Robert / Interfédé 

Data and tools

Thumbnail for the OECD Skills Profiling Tool   Thumbnail for the Dashboard on Priorities for Adult Learning
Are you planning your next career move? Learn about your strengths on our Skills Profiling Tool!                                                                           How does your country compare in adult learning? Try our dashboard to find out!


Selected publications

Country Reviews of Adult Learning

Innovations in Adult Learning

Inclusiveness in Adult Learning

Quality Assurance in Adult Learning

Training in Enterprises

 Career Guidance