Strength Through Diversity

The Strength through Diversity: Education for Inclusive Societies project aims to identify how education systems can be equitable and inclusive by supporting the learning and well-being outcomes of diverse populations, and ensuring that all individuals are able to engage with others in increasingly diverse and complex societies.

About us

Strength Through Diversity covers five major themes:

• Migration-induced diversity
• Ethnic groups, national minorities and Indigenous peoples
• Gender
• Special education needs
• Giftedness


Policy Fora

The policy forum series aims to stimulate a discussion among key stakeholders on opportunities for peer learning and collaboration. Meetings are organised around different topics and convene a variety of stakeholders from interested countries.

Featured data



Results from the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) reveal that in 2015, almost one in four 15-year-old students in OECD countries reported that they were either foreign-born or had at least one foreign-born parent.


The Resilience of Students with an Immigrant background (webinar)


Forum proceedings

Proceedings from the 4th Policy Forum (ENG) (FR)

Proceedings from the 3rd Policy Forum (ENG) (FR)

Proceedings from the 2nd Policy Forum (ENG) (FR)

Proceedings from the 1st Policy Forum (ENG) (FR)