Interagency Coordination in Economic Crime Investigations in Latvia

Economic and financial crimes are growing in numbers, complexity and reach, making them increasingly difficult to investigate and successfully prosecute. This report details efforts in Latvia to strengthen its criminal justice system against financial and economic crimes. It highlights the range of challenges common to numerous jurisdictions, and describes progress made in Latvia to address these challenges through interagency cooperation mechanisms. Finally, it provides recommendations for areas requiring further attention.

Published on December 08, 2022


Abbreviations and Acronyms
Executive Summary
Assessment and recommendations
Investigation and Prosecution of Economic Crime in Latvia: Framing the Problem and Existing Challenges
Overview of the Investigation Process in Latvia
Overview of the Available Literature pertaining to Economic Crime Investigations & Prosecution in Latvia
Evaluating the status quo in Latvia
Overcoming the inherent challenges of economic crime in Latvia
Representatives Interviewed from the following Latvian organisations
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