Towards a Blue Recovery in Samoa

Appraisal Report

The re-opening of Samoa’s borders in late-2022 kickstarted the country’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This offers an opportunity to rebuild sustainably its tourism, maritime transport, and fisheries sectors. Samoa’s ocean resources can also augment its resilience to future shocks such as climate change. Through an analysis of Samoa’s economic trends and environmental pressures, institutional set-up and policy tools, as well as financing landscape, this report identifies opportunities and challenges for Samoa’s ocean economy to drive sustainable and resilient development. The Samoa Ocean Strategy offers a blueprint for such a pursuit, but there remain gaps and impediments. To address them, the report provides several cross-cutting and sector-specific policy recommendations to accelerate Samoa’s transition to a sustainable ocean economy.

Available from November 28, 2023


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
The ocean economy of Samoa: Economic trends, the impact of recent crises and sustainability stressors
Governance and policy tools for Samoa’s sustainable ocean economy
Financing Samoa’s sustainable ocean economy
Opportunities and tools for fostering a blue recovery
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