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Financial competence framework for children and youth in the European Union



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27 September 2023


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27/09/2023 - The European Commission and the OECD International Network on Financial Education (OECD/INFE) have jointly developed the Financial Competence Framework for Children and Youth in the European Union.


This competence framework was developed in the context of the OECD/INFE Programme of work and of the EU Capital Markets Union (CMU) 2020 Action Plan, which notably mandates the European Commission to work towards the development of a dedicated EU financial competence frameworks. This framework follows the publication of the EU/OECD Financial Competence Framework for Adults in the European Union, published in January 2022 (link).


The framework provides a set of outcome-based competences in financial literacy that children and youth in the EU need in order to make sound decisions on personal finance. The joint framework covers competences into the four main content areas of financial literacy: money and transactions, planning and managing finances, risks and reward, and the financial landscape. Within these areas, the joint framework describes the types of knowledge that children and youth at different ages could benefit from, the behaviours that may help them to achieve financial well-being throughout their lives, as well as the attitudes that will support this process. Moreover, the framework integrates competences on the following cross-cutting dimensions: digital finance, sustainable finance, citizenship, entrepreneurship as well as competences relevant when becoming an adult.

The framework can be used by public authorities, private bodies and the civil society to inform the development of a national strategy on financial literacy, improve the design of financial education programmes, identify gaps in provision, and create assessment, measurement and evaluation tools. It supports public policies, financial literacy programmes and educational materials to be developed by public authorities, educational institutions, industry and individuals in EU Member States. 


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