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DAC Temporary Working Group on Refugees and Migration


‌The Temporary Working Group on Refugees and Migration was put in place during the 2016 High Level Meeting of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC). The group aims to deliver on the following two objectives by 2017:

  1. Support the capacity of DAC members to deliver whole-of-government solutions in developing countries of origin, transit and destination, with a particular focus on delivering better quality results on the ground.
  2. Improve the consistency, comparability, and transparency of reporting of ODA-eligible, in-donor refugee costs, by aligning the respective methods for calculating these costs.


The work of the Temporary Working Group (TWG) on Refugees and Migration builds on existing good practices, learning lessons and seeking options to use ODA more effectively. In its work the TWG draws on expertise across the Directorate and the OECD. It also provides a forum for members to: deepen their understanding of forced displacement; identify and address common challenges; find opportunities for collaboration and creation of partnerships; agree on ways to engage with stakeholders; contribute to more inclusive, transparent and credible policy responses; and lead by example. The TWG will undertake an evidence-based review of policy coherence issues, financing instruments and effective  partnerships with the aim of developing a Guidance to support the capacity of DAC members in making development assistance more efficient and effective.

(Source, graphic > right: UNHCR)



For more information please see DAC member profiles on ODA in-donor refugee costs


Refugees and development graphic: 65.3 forcibly displaced 

Refugees and Development 1 Refugees and development 2

Terms of Reference for the Temporary Working Group on Refugees and Migration

Sets out the specific goals and timeline for the working group, as established by members during the High Level Meeting in 2016. Available also in French

ODA Reporting of In-Donor
Country Refugee Costs

This report identifies current members’ methodologies for calculating costs.




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