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Kazakhstan's Official Development Assistance (ODA)


In 2015, Kazakhstan’s net ODA amounted to USD 43 million, compared to USD 33 million in 2014, an increase of 43% in real terms. The ratio of ODA as a share of GNI was 0.02% in 2015.

The Foreign Policy Concept of Kazakhstan 2014-2020 guides Kazakhstan’s contribution to the international community’s development co-operation efforts. The ODA Concept of Kazakhstan (April 2013) sets out a roadmap for becoming a provider of development co-operation. Law No. 263-V on Official Development Assistance (December 2014) describes the main objectives, principles, competences and sectoral priorities of Kazakhstan’s ODA.

The ODA Law provides the legal basis for establishing an agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provisionally known as the Kazakhstan Agency for International Development Assistance, to implement development co-operation activities. For the moment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the designated authority to implement the main lines of Kazakhstan’s ODA policy, including ODA activities.

In 2015, Kazakhstan provided its bilateral development co-operation mostly to Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Ukraine. The main sectors for Kazakhstan’s bilateral development co-operation were humanitarian aid, governance and civil society, and education, Multilateral ODA accounted for 21% of Kazakhstan’s net disbursements in 2015, provided primarily through the United Nations (accounting for 80% of its multilateral ODA in 2015), as well as through the other multilateral organisations.

Kazakhstan is an Invitee of the Development Assistance Committee.

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