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  • International Academy for Tax Crime Investigation

    The OECD Capacity Building Programme for tax crime investigators was launched to help countries detect and investigate financial crimes, and recover the proceeds of those crimes, by developing the skills of criminal investigators.

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  • Forum on Tax and Crime

    This annual event is an opportunity for senior government officials, anti-money laundering and anti‑corruption authorities, police and law enforcement, public prosecutors, as well as international organisations and NGOs, to discuss current issues and country experiences on key policy and operational topics in combating financial crime.

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  • Electronic Sales Suppression: A threat to tax revenues

    This report describes the functions of point of sales systems and the specific areas of risk to tax administrations. It sets out in detail the electronic sales suppression techniques that have been uncovered and shows how such methods can be detected by tax auditors and investigators.

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Forum on Tax & Crime • 16-17 September 2015

‌‌This 4th edition of the Oslo Dialogue, hosted by the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration, primarily focused on the future threats and opportunities for law enforcement agencies to work together in the tax and crime area and the use of technology. Experts will discuss topics that are currently high on the political agenda, such as corruption, terrorist financing, alternative payment methods, the dark web, the use of analytics and exploring emerging tax evasion risks in an era of greater transparency. 





Improving Co-operation between Tax and Anti-Money Laundering Authorities

Publication cover for the Bribery and Corruption awareness handbook for tax examiners and tax auditors

Bribery and Corruption Awareness Handbook for Tax Examiners and Tax Auditors

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International Academy for Tax Crime Investigation • 31 March – 18 April 2014

A key pillar of the Oslo Dialogue is strengthening the capacity of criminal tax investigators to tackle illicit financial flows and the OECD International Academy for Tax Crime Investigation is a critical part of this initiative. The programme greatly improves the ability of developing countries to detect and investigate financial crimes, and recover the proceeds of those crimes, by developing the skills of tax and financial crime investigators through intensive training courses.