Cross-Border Electricity Trading for Tajikistan

A Roadmap

The International Energy Agency (IEA) completed this report, Cross-Border Electricity Trading for Tajikistan, as part of the EU4Energy programme, a five-year initiative funded by the European Union. The programme aims to support the development of evidence-based energy policy design and data capabilities within the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia. The central purpose of this report is to guide policy making at all levels to facilitate effective cross-border integration of electricity markets to the benefit of Tajikistan as well as the region. This report can serve as a roadmap to support the Tajikistan’s National Development Strategy for 2030, which includes goals to export at least 10 TWh of its hydropower generation and to undertake reforms to improve the performance and sustainability of its power sector. Cross-border electricity trading can bring many benefits in terms of optimising resource allocation among the countries involved. The availability of generation technologies, geography, socio-economic factors, and political agreements will determine the potential for cross-border electricity trading that countries could develop and subsequently the benefits that could be achieved. Therefore, the focus of this roadmap is to assess the feasibility and extent of electricity trade with Tajikistan’s neighbours and to lay out policy requirements for implementation. As the focus here is Tajikistan, the recommendations are based on the Tajik context.

Published on November 16, 2021