Visiting the OECD




Who can visit the OECD?


The OECD Visits Programme is currently on hold. 


The OECD welcomes visitors from around the world to its headquarters in Paris every year through its Visits and Seminar programme. We host primarily student groups, but also businesses, trade unions and other professionals.

What's in a visit/seminar?

An OECD Seminar starts with a general overview of the OECD highlighting our history, working methods, and mission to provide “Better Policies for Better Lives”.  When possible, an OECD expert briefs visitors on a particular topic of interest including:  corporate governance, the digital economy, economics, education, the environment, the future of work, tax, technology, to mention only a few.   The full range of OECD topics and policy advice can be found on our website:   A typical seminar lasts two hours and is held in one of the two official languages of the OECD:  English or French.

An OECD Seminar accommodates a minimum of 20 participants, and up to 100 participants depending on room availability. When possible, we take smaller groups by having them join another group.  
OECD Seminars are free of charge.

How to organise a visit/seminar?

Due to limited availability of meeting rooms, it is important to send requests for OECD Seminars at least two months before the desired date of the visit.
Requests should include the following information: preferred date(s) and time of visit (morning or afternoon), number of participants, background of the group, and topics of interest.  A complete list of participants is required approximately 3-4 weeks in advance.  

•    Please note that we are unable to organise individual visits or tours.  

•    If you wish to meet on an individual basis with one of our experts, please contact the directorate directly.


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