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Fighting Tax Crime – The Ten Global Principles, Second Edition

First published in 2017, Fighting Tax Crime - The Ten Global Principles is the first comprehensive guide to fighting tax crimes. It sets out ten essential principles covering the legal, institutional, administrative, and operational aspects necessary for developing an efficient and effective system for identifying, investigating and prosecuting tax crimes, while respecting the rights of accused taxpayers. This second edition addresses new challenges, such as tackling professionals who enable tax and white-collar crimes, and fostering international co-operation in the recovery of assets. Drawing on the experiences of jurisdictions in all continents, the report also highlights successful cases relating to the misuse of virtual assets, complex investigations involving joint task forces, and the use of new technology tools to fight tax crimes and other financial crimes. The Ten Global Principles are an essential element of the OECD’s Oslo Dialogue, a whole-of-government approach for fighting tax crimes and illicit financial flows. Alongside the policy document, the second edition is joined by 33 country chapters, detailing jurisdictions’ domestic tax crime enforcement frameworks as well as the progress made in implementing the Ten Global Principles. These chapters are available separately online.

Published on June 17, 2021Also available in: Spanish, French, Ukrainian


Abbreviations and Acronyms
Executive Summary
Overview of the Ten Global Principles
Ensure tax offences are criminalised
Devise an effective strategy for addressing tax crimes
Have adequate investigative powers
Have effective powers to freeze, seize and confiscate assets
Put in place an organisational structure with defined responsibilities
Provide adequate resources for tax crime investigation
Make tax crimes a predicate offence for money laundering
Have an effective framework for domestic inter-agency co-operation
Ensure international co-operation mechanisms are available
Protect suspects’ rights
List of participating jurisdictions in the 2nd edition of the Ten Global Principles
Country chapters
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