2021 OECD Southeast Asia Regional Forum

The OECD held the 2021 OECD Southeast Asia Regional Forum on Human Capital Development in Southeast Asia: Fostering Competitiveness to Build Back Better on 20 May 2021, virtually. The Forum was followed by the Seventh meeting of the Steering Group of the The OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme (SEARP) on 21 May 2021.

Hosted by the Government of Thailand, the Forum discussed policy options for enhancing human capital development to strengthen resilience and competitiveness in Southeast Asia region. The rapid changing of the world of work has been forced by megatrends such as globalisation, digitalisation and an ageing population. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented disruptions in the global and regional economies. The Forum provided a timely platform to discuss how to reform the education system in order to close the learning gap among children and youth and how to improve skills of adults to adapt to the changing working environment.  


► Agenda of the Forum

► Forum's Discussion Note

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► Watch Facebook live stream recording [Part 1, Part2]


Keynote Address 

H.E. Mr. Angel Gurrìa, Secretary-General, OECD 



► OECD: Mr. Andreas SCHLEICHER, Director, Directorate for Education and Skills and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the SG

► OECD : Ms. El Iza MOHAMEDOU, Head of Centre for Skills

► ASEAN: Ms. Mega IRENA, Head,Labour and Civil Service Division, Human Development Directorate


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The OECD Southeast Asia Regional Forum

The OECD holds its Southeast Asia Regional Forum annually since 2014. It brings together policy-makers from Southeast Asia and OECD member countries, international and regional organisations, experts and business representatives to share experiences and explore common policy issues of selected thematic topics of each year forum.

The meeting of the Steering Group of the OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme usually takes place back-to-back with the Forum alongside other regional activities on specific issues such as Business network meetings and workshops.

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