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Anil GÜR

Published On: 17 June 2014

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Organisation: Yalova Municipality

Country: Turkey

Level of government: Local government

Sector: General public services

Type: Digital, Human Resources

Launched in: 2012

Overall development time: 2 years

ZAMBAK is an online system that has digitalised all job functions, transactions, workflows, and related documents in the Yalova municipality in Turkey, making data from all public services accessible through this system. All services are now traceable, and data can be used for decision-making analyses. By using ICT technologies, all employees are also able to work without any dependency to a particular place and time.

Nearly 70% of our employees work on backstage, and only the field workers, service desk workers, firefighters and municipal police need to be present in a particular place to do their jobs. Therefore, 70% of municipality employees are free to do their jobs wherever they like. For instance, a building permit application is received by service desk personnel, and all required documents and projects are uploaded to digital archives via an integrated electronic document system (EDM).

By means of the EDM system, the application will be sent to the responsible employee who is a civil engineer or an architect in this example, and they can examine and evaluate the construction projects at home or in a more desirable and quiet place. With ZAMBAK, the opportunity to telework has increased for municipal employees.

Why the innovation was developed

To improve the efficiency of public services.


Develop staff capacity, Improve access, Improve effectiveness, Improve efficiency, Improve service quality, Improve user satisfaction

  • To make public services faster and more transparent.
  • To increase the inclusion of public opinion in decision-making processes.
  • To improve the performance of employees.

Main beneficiaries

Civil Society, General population, Government bodies, Government staff

  • Citizens: 150 000.
  • Employees: 450.


  • The most realisable outcome of this system is that any job and transaction has become traceable. By monitoring different performance measures within the system, continuous improvement can be taken into consideration for all of the processes, e.g. a time improvement for the completion of different jobs has been achieved.
  • Since most of the jobs are done in an online environment, jobs are no longer dependent on a physical space. In this manner, the working space needed for the whole municipality has decreased. Managing less working spaces is easier and more cost effective.


Service quality


User satisfaction

Other improvements

Managers can monitor every part of every customer demand and solution process, so managing the whole municipality also became a space and time-independent job. All managers can reach necessary information at anytime and from anywhere.

Results not available yet


The idea for this innovation was generated by the Mayor of Yalova city, Mr. Yakup B. KOCAL, who has seen the difficulties and inefficiencies in public service management.

Design time: 6 months


  • Firstly, the policy planning staff defined the rules and policies of the system and tested it.
  • And then a small group of frontline staff started to work on the system itself.
Testing time: 8 months


Tools used:

The main tools that have been used for used the implementation of our innovation are:

  • Electronic document management system.
  • Decision support system.
  • Digital archives.
  • Electronic signature.
Resources used:

The Strategy Development Department (SDD) of our municipality was in charge of the digitalisation and our own personnel and resources were used.  Approximately 2 years of research, development and testing has been done by 10 personnel of SDD. 

Implementation time: 3 months


  • Introducing the innovation to other public institutions like Bolu Municipallity, General Directorate of State Archives, Head of State Personnel.
  • Making presentations about the innovation to the Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek and at the following places:
    • Bahçeşehir University.
    • Yalova University.
    • Municipalities of our sister cities.  
Diffusion time: 7 months

Challenges and solutions

  • Mostly technical challenges have been encountered. There are no end products for an innovation of course. So you need your software to be tailored to your needs. It is a difficult task to accomplish.
  • Breaking the working habits of employees was another challenge. We simply overcame both technical and psychological challenges by not giving up and continuing to try

Other information

ZAMBAK, in short, offers an innovative way of managing jobs and demands of citizens. By defining meaningful performance criteria, managers can start a performance-based administration.