Productivity Profile of Spain


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There is no single institution dedicated to productivity in Spain. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the Bank of Spain, among others institutions, provide analysis on productivity issues.

Spain has not yet established a National Productivity Board.


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Bank of Spain: A sectoral analysis of the future challenges facing the Spanish economy (2021), A sectoral anatomy of the Spanish productivity puzzle (2020);

OECD: Economic Surveys Spain (multiple years), Enhancing digital diffusion for higher productivity in Spain (2021);

The Quarterly Journal of Economics: Capital Allocation and Productivity in South Europe (2017).


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 ESP productivity growth graph


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 Latest OECD Recommendations


  • Continue to implement the Market Unity Law, increase its transparency, and increase cooperation across different levels of government for its effective implementation.
  • Improve the functioning and governance of professional bodies related to professional services.
  • Encourage greater scale and specialisation of universities to raise the quality of innovation, by extending performance-based resources allocation and the application of international peer review and by providing more career opportunities for highly qualified researchers.
  • Give the recently activated R&D Public Policy Network a strong mandate to further increase coordination of regional and national innovation policies to avoid duplication.
  • Strengthen the ex-post evaluation framework of innovation support and consider increasing performance-based funding.
  • Strengthen active labour market policies, improve vocational training and allocate more funds to effective training schemes.


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